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Confessions of a Polka-Dotted Lady

Katie Bug

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24, abuelita, adeline louisa, agility dogs, alice, alice hoffman, all things british, american planning association, apple, astrology, bagpipes, beads, being pregnant, biographies, blue plate special, bluegrass, books, bookstores, boys who play soccer, bungalows, calico cats, cardigan welsh corgis, celtic music, chai, cheese, china, chocolate, city and regional planning, coffee, cookbooks, cooking, corgis, crafts, crochet, cross-stitch, decorating, diy, documentaries, dogparks, dogs, downtown revitalization, everybodyfields, exploring, fabric, florida, foreign movies, frederick law olmsted, gardening, grandma crafts, grandma hobbies, greenways, guinea pigs, having hannukah babies, hazel jr, hiking, historic preservation, home decorating, home improvement, horseback riding, horses, ipad, jewish things, jews by choice, jimmy buffett, judaism, ken, knoxville, kugel, l.m. montgomery, ladybugs, landscape architecture, libraries, listmaking, lost, making babies, mandolins, marian keyes, mass transit, migraines, monkeys, mountains, mutts, new urbanism, nickel creek, nonfiction, norwegian fjords, novels, npr, old houses, old stuff, orlando, pad panang, parks, pbs, poetry, ponies, quilting, reading, recipes, renovation, rescued animals, robinella, sanity, sarah harmer, scones, scotland, scottish folds, scrapbooking, scrubs, sewing, shabbat, shiba inu, soccer legs, solas, spca, st petersburg, stationery, tea, temple beth el, thai food, trails, transportation planning, travels, trust for public lands, university of florida, violin, walkable communities, wdvx, welsh corgis, what's eating gilbert grape, writing, yarn, yoga, zach braff