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Katie Bug [userpic]

House Hunters - Habgood Style

May 26th, 2011 (03:33 pm)

There are two main neighborhoods we're looking at: Carrollwood, a 1950s, 1960s suburban Leave It To Beaver place with two decent elementary schools. Oh, and it's closer to both of our jobs, near a synagogue, a private Jewish school that I would consider for middle and high school, and not much else.

And South Tampa, a hodge-podgery of a Post World War II area with lots of gross McMansion infill and a number of decent schools that is trendier and nearer to lots of shops, restuarants and other amenities. It's also closer to St Pete.

Our dilemma is partly that there isn't that cute, walkable, first-tier suburb that we'd love to live in. If we were still in Knoxville, we'd aim for Fourth and Gill or Bearden. In Orlando, College Park or Winter Park would work. In St Pete, it'd be Old Northeast or Crescent Heights. In Tampa.... It's just not here.

So that's where compromises, damn compromises, come in. What do you think??


I really kind of like this one.

I hate that the front yard is overtaken by the driveway, but the interior looks nice, and I am smitten with the idea of a fourth bedroom. Here.

It's fine, it's nice. We don't want a pool. It doesn't really speak to me in any way.

Oh! Step back! Look at this one! Too much tile, but lovely kitchen and trimwork and hello, turquoise toilet! I think I kind of like this one!

One more. I like the unpretentiousness of the facade and that it's from the '50s.

South Tampa:

There is a lot less to choose from in South Tampa, so we've got this one. Eh.

And this. Ick.

This one is cuter, if you can look past all the crap inside. I love the back porch and yard.

If we wanted to spend more, cute is available. But, ouch, that's too much.

Hmmm. This one is cute even though it only has two bedrooms. But with so much square footage - that's weird!

So, yeah, it's pretty obvious the Carrollwood area has better housing stock, huh?


Posted by: Teacup9 (teacup9)
Posted at: May 26th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)

I love looking at people's house hunting posts. However the numbers make my jaw clench, because while I am sure salaries are somewhat adjusted where we live a person can barely buy a two bedroom, one bath, 1400 sq foot place for twice those prices.

I wanted to say something about the burglary and how invasive that must have felt especially with you being so far away. I've been a bit behind on LJ for a while, but don't want you to think I've not listening here and on FB.

Posted by: neerggirl (neerggirl)
Posted at: May 27th, 2011 06:59 pm (UTC)

I hear you! I am in the home buying process and spending more and getting way less... I can't afford a SFH, only a townhouse or condo in my price range... Crazy how varied prices are!